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Preperation for an Album

2009-12-20 09:03:56 by Drimux

I have been looking forward the creation of a new Album. This one most likely based on the "Live recording, self creating (Self recording and assembly of the parts manually, instead of using real-time programs with most "electronics" sounds). This album should be quite more representative of these early feelings I have been throught lately (Angry, sleepy, the "had-enough" feeling, sometimes calm, sometimes affraid).

Well, it will be multitracking, multistyle.

I will present you the titles of this album - And some of these are french sentences and I am sorry, I cannot change who I am (But I will put the traduction at the bottom) :

1 - Yesterday and tomorrow 2:38
2 - Crisis of time 3:34
3 - Dogma 4:09
4 - Requiem 2:26
5 - Mindful 4:05
6 - The black widow 3:29
7 - Our bells are ringing 5:49
8 - Anthem to our beloved children 2:48
9 - Sacred (Slow version) 2:41
10 - Sacred (Techno mix) 1:55
11 - Une nuit dans le palais maudit 5:30
12 - Sortir des ombres 3:52
13 - The curves 2:45
14 - La symphonie d'un militaire 1:59
15 - Unmasked 3:03

11-One night in the unholy palace
13-A military' symphony

So there is my review, I'm looking forward for an Album picture, so if anybody would like to participate, you are welcome.

Drimux a.k.a
The no-more DJ Raven a.k.a
Maxime Dompierre


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2009-12-20 15:04:03

i like your music.

Drimux responds:

You're welcome.
By the way, I also like yours.